The Spiritual Life

Mom, upon seeing me recoil in horror at a (doctor-recommended) fish oil pill roughly the size of a .50 caliber bullet:

“Oh, taking that will be a splendid Lenten suffering. And then, after Lent…you can continue the suffering.”

And there you have it.


  1. Matthew,

    If you really want to push the suffering – those pills come in liquid form, as well.

    Have it in place of a fine vintage some night…


  2. Yick.

    If it’s my brand, it seems like they make the pills big on purpose.

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    “Mmmm! That’s good bass!”

  4. Cubeland Mystic says

    It is not as bad as the ice cold Lenten bidet.

  5. angelmeg says

    I take three a day and two glucosamine condroitin msm that are just about as big, Man up and take the dang things.

    In my case it is better than feeling the effects of bad knees and osteo arthritis.

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