How You Found Korrektiv

It really is astonishing how many people out there are concerned about attached earlobes. Maybe it’s the fact that MURG has data that conclusively demonstrates a non-spurious relationship between said condition and criminal tendencies. Obviously, people are understandably concerned about being profiled, stigmatized and scapegoated, however justifiable those actions might be.

74.72.177 of Jackson Heights, New York is none to happy about what must be a pretty bad case, it would seem, having conducted a Google search for “attached earlobes surgery”. Luckily for “4 Sevens” and the entire community of Jackson Heights, this search led directly to our humble website. For medical needs, you should know that Korrektiv is there for you. Thank you for visiting, M. 74.72.177, and we can only recommend the same procedure we used on Henri at the last summit: two shots of Jameson’s and a steak knife. Problem solved!

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