Brothers K

If the Korrektiv brothers were playing the Brothers Karamazov in a musical stage adaptation on Broadway, how would it shake out?

Rufus McCain as Dmitri

Henri Young as Ivan

Quin Finnegan as Alyosha


  1. Henri Young says

    I had Finnegan pegged as Ivan. But thanks.

  2. Henri Young says

    McCain as Aloysha.

  3. Rufus McCain says

    I actually feel more like Smerdyakov (the bastard fourth brother) most of the time.

  4. Rufus McCain says

    Maybe Lickona could fill in as Alyosha, Finnegan as Ivan, Young as Dmitri, McCain as Smerdyakov. No, I still think it’s got to be Young as Ivan. Finnegan can play Dmitri. Cubeland Mystic as old man Karamazov. Then we’ve got angelmeg, Ironic Catholic, and Jenny from Chicago for the female parts. Theocoid (“Is My Phylactery Showing?” as Fr. Zosima. Between all of us there should be plenty of kids available for that last scene with Alyosha.

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