1. …have gone nuclear?


    Do I win a prize for guessing the correct connection between headline and pic?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Close. This is a shot of Three Mile Island, alluding to last night’s spectacular meltdown in extra innings to miss the playoffs. Great game, though, and even Three Mile Island was nothing compared to the Mets’ Chernobyl…

  3. j. christian says

    I recognized the pic immediately and would’ve laughed hysterically if not for the fact that I happen to really like the Padres.

    Question is, if the Bolts keep playing the way they are now, what will we call that result?

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    Can we say they Schott themselves in the foot?

  5. j. christian says


  6. Matthew,

    I think they’re going to lose their Norv before too long…


    p.s. I am (or was before the 394th players strike) a fan of the OTHER pinstriped team from NY….

  7. Matthew,

    P. P. S.

    Three Mile island was a fart of radioactive gas – barely enough to power a microwave. (It was a tempest in a cooling tower for the media, though.)

    The potential for much worse was there, of course – but so it is in any electrical plant – and besides, a million other things had to go wrong before that much came to worse – thus the unthinkable really should have remained that way as far as U.S. Nuclear power was concerned.

    CF. “The War Against the Atom” – Samuel McCracken – Basic Books – 1983

  8. Cubland Mystic says

    I am without concerns. 🙂

  9. As a fan of the team that is now the gold standard for meltdowns, collapses, chokes, etc., I think the 3 Mile Island photo makes sense, esp. in light of JOB’s comments. Save Chernoybl for the Mets. The Pads meltdown, while semi-epic, was merely a fart in comparison to the Mets.

    On an unrelated note, the Giants smoked the hated Eagles. When asked how he could get sacked 12 times by the worst defense in the NFL, McNabb blamed racism.


  10. notrelatedtoted says

    I think McNabb got sacked 12 times because he cut off his corn rows of power.

  11. Not-Ted,

    Any truth to the rumor you’re sporting a head full of corn rows these days and callin’ yourself Pimp Nasty NotRelatedtoYoMama?

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