Aphorism of the Day

The danger in espousing the holiness of the ordinary is that you may end up supposing you are approaching holiness when all you are is ordinary.

Christianity: a million ways to miss the mark – and counting!


  1. Oh, that’s very good. Is that a Lickonarism or did you read that somewhere?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    All mine. I can say that without pride because it came out of an examination of my own life.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    That is ordinarily brilliant. That could be the title of your next book.

    A million ways to miss the mark.

  4. notrelatedtoted says

    A Million Little Ways to Miss the Mark.

    Now you can just fabricate stuff at will.

  5. How ’bout:

    A million ways Matthew misses the mark, drinking luke-warm water from the john…


  6. Did you ever consider that God is calling you to live a life or Ordinary holiness?

    I think sometimes that people are so caught up in trying to live extraordinary lives that they don’t listen to God closely enough.

    But then I aspire to be the Patron Saint of Mediocrity (St Angelmeg the not so bad, that’s me)

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