Scenes From the Korrektiv Summit


  1. Jenny from Chicago says

    Enough with the clips…make with the pithy…..

  2. Rufus McCain says

    I had a pithy idea yesterday but now it’s left me.

  3. I’m thinking that perhaps I would be better served if I stayed away from the summits.

    I can admire you all from afar so much more gracefully.

  4. Rufus McCain says

  5. Rufus McCain says

    Someday we’ll have a summit on the mount of the Lord and we’ll all be there together.

  6. Rufus McCain says

    Now I remember. I had two ideas.

    1. Hold a Korrektiv F-Bomb festival, with a limerick contest, just to maintain our NC-17 rating, and because, well, the f-word is so effin’ excellent really. Freakin’ great word, flippin’ wonderful.

    2. A more philosophical post on the crisis of On Demand. I was going to talk about how it puts too much (and yet paradoxically too little) burden on the poor consumer. How in college we would get together and watch The Cosby Show or how I’d drive to my sister’s on Monday nights to watch Northern Exposure because the one channel I got in Aberdeen was the one that had The Simpsons and Star Trek The Next Gen. but not Northern Exposure. How these scheduled events were more prone to community whereas now we walk around with our iPods or watch our shows on TiVo or On Demand whenever and wherever we want and usually alone, the same way we mostly drive alone (hence the advent of the Diamond Lane, which wouldn’t be a bad name for a band, come to think of it). And I was going to bring in the conversation I had with some guy in one of the bars I’d ventured into upon turning twenty-one (twenty-one years ago now) who had the idea of building a dream house which would include an automatically delivered bong hit from a receptacle built into the wall at a set time each morning. I said something about free will or automatons or some such and he said, “But you’d have to get up and be there on time each morning.” And then I was going to bring this mini-essay back around to the plague of possibility and the problem of time and the related issues of anxiety and alienation. There was a passage by the pope in this month’s Magnificat about how love and forgiveness are the only solution to these problems that have time at their root. Kierkegaard: purity of heart is to will one thing. (Although maybe he got that from the Bible, methinks.) Percy: lucky the man who doesn’t secretly believe every possibility is open to him. Etc.

  7. Rufus McCain says

    Another idea for a recurring column on Korrektiv: Barista of the Month. Profiling my favorite baristas in Spokane and abroad. Except that my wife would eventually take notice and take umbrage at my expressing that level of interest in young women serving me addictive beverages. Maybe I could just ghost write it for Quin?

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