New Best Opening Line to an Actor’s Autobiography Ever

“Enter EGO from the wings, pursued by fiends.”
– Alec Guinness, Blessings in Disguise

Another lovely bit: Guinness is speaking with Dame Sybil Thorndike, a fellow actor: “One day, I said to her, ‘Aldous Huxley writes somewhere that no actor can be good, because no actor can develop his own personality and know reality. What do you say to that?’ She made one of her impatient ‘P’shaw!’ sounds and then added, in a strong, indignant voice, ‘Rubbish! Actors are good people. I know there are some silly ones. Perhaps there are some nasty ones, but I don’t know them. Our people are good.’ Her own goodness was deep inside herself: it appeared to cost her no effort; and yet to say that is, perhaps, unintentionally to diminish her.”

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