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If Rufus can use Korrektiv to share papers from grad school, I oughtta be able to let loose a little bitching and moaning about some of my everyday pet peeves. Here’s a letter I just wrote to Microsoft:

“I don’t really have just one question, although the problem that prompted this feedback has to do with searching for information in Outlook. I just wanted to let you know that I think Microsoft products are just plain lousy.

I admit I’m fairly illiterate when it comes to technology, but why is it that I’m able to use free email programs like Gmail and Yahoo with total comfort and ease? I’m required to use Outlook for work, and by the end of the day I am entirely frustrated because of all the time spent using this software, which is often the hub for every other project I’m involved with. I now realize that much of the dread I have about going to work every day has more to do with the necessity of working with Microsoft products than the job itself.

That is all.

Thank you for reading.”

And Thank You for reading as well. I feel better now.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Well, that sure was quick! Here is their helpful reply:

    “Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Connect Help (MCHelp) Team.


    This Auto-Reply is designed to be a self help tool for you. Additional
    self help assistance can be found out on under Contact Us. If your issue is
    addressed below you will not receive a reply to your email. If your issue
    is not covered below you will receive a reply within 3 business days.

    If you have been sent an invitation by a product group and are having
    problems accepting your invitation, please review the following steps:

    To accept this invitation and apply to become a member of this program,
    please follow the link provided in your invitation email.

    If the link does not work for you, copy the full link and paste it into
    the Web browser address bar. You will need to sign in using a valid
    Windows Live ID before you can continue to the Invitations page.

    Please note: If you have already registered on Microsoft Connect do NOT
    complete a new registration form. Login with your Windows Live ID
    associated to your account.

    Follow the steps shown to you by that program to apply to become an
    active participant. You may be asked to take a survey, or submit other
    preliminary information.

    If you receive an error when entering your Invitation ID please read
    the following before proceeding:

    * All email addresses in the Microsoft Connect system are
    unique and cannot be shared. During registration if you receive an error
    message indicating that the email address you added was already in use in
    our system:

    It’s possible you registered with Microsoft Connect prior to receiving
    the invitation letter with a different Windows Live ID email address.
    When you again entered your email address, it was rejected because the
    data was already in our system. If this is the case, please send an
    email to for further
    * For all registration issues and errors please send an email
    to for further

    If you have downloaded a public beta from, please refer to the support available for
    that product for assistance. Public betas are not supported at this
    email address.

    For issues with released Microsoft software, please go to or call
    1-800-MICROSOFT for assistance. Released software is not supported at
    this email address.

    Our support hours are from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific Time, Monday –
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    to your request as soon as we can. If your request is received outside
    of these hours, we will handle/resolve your request as soon as
    possible once we are back on staff.

    The MCHelp alias is set up to handle administrative issues only. All
    program specific, technical issues and questions should be submitted via
    the support avenues issued to you for the beta program(s) you are
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    If you are contacting us regarding updating your address or email
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    and go to the Manage Your Connect
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    At this time, our team is unable to respond to emails that are not in
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    If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for a product, please
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    Please Note: If a program is not listed under Available Programs, it is
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    If your request is “Remove From List”, please note that this action
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    If you would like to participate in other Connect programs, go to
    Manage Your Connect
    Profile page and select the
    “Yes” radio button to the question “I would like to be contacted about
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    Technical Support: Unfortunately, the MCHelp alias is not set up to be
    able to assist with technical issues and questions. Please direct
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    Program Support: If you do not know the support alias for the
    program(s) you are participating in, please sign in to
    select Contact Us at the bottom of the page. Under the drop down
    labeled Source of Issue, select Program. This will then display a program
    drop down which will list the programs you are participating in. Select
    the appropriate program for your issue and fill in the description.
    Your email will then be routed to the appropriate support alias.

    Please be sure to include your Microsoft Connect handle/nickname to
    help expedite assistance. Your Connect handle can be located in the upper
    right-hand corner when you are signed in with your Windows Live ID
    email address.

    Thank you for your interest in Microsoft products.
    Microsoft Connect Help Team”

    NOT! As the kids use to say.

    In Hell we would spend eternity shifting through machine generated letters such as this for real content, when it was actually written to nobody in particular and means nothing at all.

    Wait a minute there…

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Well, I guess I’m going to ride this hell wave as long as I can.

    Hello _____,

    Thank you for writing back. I honestly hadn’t expected a response, and was just airing my frustrations after tearing my hair out for an hour or so, looking for a better way to search through Outlook.

    But since you wrote, I’d like to engage with one thing you wrote: “one of the exciting and challenging aspects of technology is the constant learning curve.” This is true, and probably has been true since the invention of the wheel, but it only goes so far. What I find truly exciting about technology is the extent to which it allows me to solve problems that aren’t directly connected to the technology I’m using to solve them.

    I find that I am now spending more time trying to solve problems that have to do with technology than the problems I originally set out to solve. This is extremely frustrating, and my work days seem to be getting longer rather than shorter.

    It also seems to me that this frustration is greater with Microsoft products than those of other companies. I’m not sure why this would be the case. For example, I’ve found that Yahoo mail is actually better than it was 10 years ago. It’s also more complex, offers more features for its users, and yes, there is a constant learning curve as it is developed. It’s exciting. It’s really not all that challenging – except perhaps when it comes to better integrating it into my life. What it isn’t is frustrating.

    Thanks again for writing, and for reading as well.

    — Microsoft Connect Help wrote:

    > Hello,
    > Thank you for contacting Microsoft Connect Help
    > ( and for your interest in
    > testing Microsoft products!
    > We completely understand the way you feel. As
    > customers and businesses request additional features
    > and functionalities from Microsoft softwares, these
    > softwares tend to become more complex. The same is
    > true of operating systems, such as Windows Vista.
    > One of the exciting and challenging aspects of
    > technology is the constant learning curve.
    > Microsoft Connect Help Team

  3. Deep Furrows says

    Hmmm. This second response has the ring of humanity to it. Or am I deluded?

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