Now I’m just sad.

Who is Spidey talking about, you ask? No, it’s not the Pope

(Via Dawn Eden.)


  1. Um, wow…

    It’s like Jack Chick for choicers. I was rather shocked that none of the people who commented realized how utterly lame it was. But that’s how it is; ideology is the enemy of wit.

  2. mark thomas lickona says

    Amen. Preaching kills art. Even if what is being preached is the Gospel.

  3. AnotherCoward says

    “Jack Chick for Choices” … if only Jack Chick could see this comparison!

  4. cubeland mystic says


    Can you drill down on the “preaching kills art” statement? I am wandering around the Vatican in my mind right now.

    Don’t disagree, but I think it is a good topic. Just how much is too much. And there hasn’t been an epic discussion in awhile. Perhaps this will kick it off.

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