Motu Proprio Roundup (TM)

The Vatican: Official Text in Latin

Zenit: Unofficial English Translation

USCCB: Apostolic Letter on Use of the Preconciliar Liturgical Forms

The New Liturgical Movement

Is My Phylactery Showing? [yes, by the way, it is, but … well, you look pretty damn good in it, especially whilst mowing the lawn, almost as good as Lickona swimming with his scapular]: AH…..

Shrine of the Holy Whapping: Motu Proprio Reflections: Towards the Future

Catholidoxies: Motu Proprio et Lex Orandi Lex Credendi

Open Book (Amy Welborn): And on the Motu Proprio

Against the Grain: “Motu Proprio” Summorum Pontificum

Blog by the Sea: Some Key Points of the Motu Proprio, Letter to Bishops and Explanatory Note

Kicking Over My Traces: Tridentine Mass Motu Proprio Issued

Whispers in the Loggia: The Motu Proprio: Benedict’s Decisive Compromise

Catholic Writings: Summorum Pontificum

Seattle Times: Revival of Latin Mass upsets liberals

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Bonfire of the Vanities: Well, the pope done did it!


  1. Henri Young says

    Myself, my daughter Honor and other members of the Society of Pious XII will not be satisfied until the pope renounces Vatican II and the standard rite.

  2. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

  3. Rufus McCain says

    Quin, there may be a new niche for latin tutors here. Maybe you should quit three of your jobs and just focus on that. You could call your school Academia Motu Proprio (or whatever the correct latin would be). Start targeting parish priests throughout Western WA. You just need to stir up thirty people in each parish to ask for the mass and then follow that up by dropping off a brochure and your business card at the parish office.

  4. The Ironic Catholic says

    I still think you can order it at the Olive Garden.

  5. Theocoid says


  6. Henri Young says

    Standard Rite at Olive Garden, Tridentine Mass at Lombardi’s.

  7. angelmeg says

    The parish where I used to work is cheering. They even have the communion rail already in place.

    Why do they assume that the first ten years of poorly done Latin masses will be any better than the really strange novus ordo masses?

    I am just waiting for the Tridentine Clown Liturgy, Oh yeah, it will come.

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