Defamer thinks the most important aspect of the Al Gore III drug arrest is the fact that the dude was at least driving a Prius, thus honoring his father’s commitment to saving the planet while baked to the gills (well, maybe not that last part). But Godsbody thinks the most important thing is that Gore was reportedly doing 100 m.p.h. when he was busted. Who knew a hybrid could manage that type of speed?


  1. The Vicadin explains his Dad’s speaking style.

  2. Cubeland Mystic says

    Can someone with knowledge or experience help me understand why people want to stay drugged?

    I’ve never understood it, and I want to at least have some empathy.

  3. I didn’t think a Prius could go that fast outside of free fall. Maybe it was a very steep downhill grade?

  4. Anonymous says

    some drugs lead to a very pleasant state of altered consciousness. At least it is pleasant or pleasing the first few times. After a while it becomes clear that it is just another distraction from our mortality. Same with drink in many ways. Still the first high’s can be remarkable.

  5. Cubeland Mystic says

    Is it really a distraction or do they just want to kill themselves very slowly?

    Because, in my mind drug addiction is a rational choice to sustain irrational behavior. One has to realize that it will eventually lead to incapacitation or death. Why continue down that path unless you wish to kill yourself.

  6. Anonymous says

    I doubt the reason people take drugs is because they want to die (albeit slowly). If a person is truly committed to dying, there are more efficient ways of taking care of that. Rather, I think people take drugs because drugs make them feel good.

    It’s not clear at all that drug use will lead to incapacitation or death. Heavy and persistent drug use probably will. But recreational drug use (even recreational cocaine use) most likely won’t (notwithstanding government anti-drug agitprop to the contrary). There are scores of people that I know who function at a high level in society (as artists, attorneys, bankers/financial analysts, traders, entrepreneurs, etc.) that dabble in drugs and it’s not because they have a death wish.

    I’ll throw some red meat out there in an attempt to generate a godsbody comment bonanza: drug use is one of the many things that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. From the bounty of the earth, humans have, over the centuries, developed ways to make themselves feel good. In that regard, taking drugs is a fundamentally human thing. Is it good or bad (because, for instance, murder is a fundamentally human thing), is a different question. I think that if done in moderation, it’s a morally neutral thing. Thoughts?

  7. Anonymous says

    I was rushed this morning. Kind of rushed now too. I largely agree with your comment. My comment is regarding persistant drug use, in order to try to feel good. The rational choice I refered to above is to avoid pain through drug use. I think people do know that it is destructive, but still choose to proceed. I am also talking about heavy drug use too, not casual.

    I am curious why life is so miserable for some people that they feel comfortable masking deeper problems with drugs & drink.


  8. illicit drug use is illegal. so, not morally nuetral as we have a responsibility to uphold the law. illicit drug use also is used with the intent to alter the consciousness, because we have no idea how this might affect us, it’s morally irresponsible to intentionally alter ones consciousness. drinking wine, however, differs because usually it’s for the enjoyment of the wine and if done moderately and responsibly, doesn’t necessarily alter the consciousness at all. a few glasses over a long evening, no altered consciousness whatsoever. but a lovely evening with good food and great wine and excellent often times spiritual conversation.
    drug use and drug addiction are two very different things. making the rational choice to recreationally alter ones consciousness is extremenly irresponsible and against the law. therefore immoral. drug addiction is an illness that may have originally begun with poor choices but has descended into something beyond the control of the addicted person. so, both are bad, irresponsible (especially if you have childrend) and hence immoral. but addiction needs medical treatment as is not a continued rational choice.

    all of this differs from celebrating with wine, assuming that one is not drinking to intentionally get bombed. and assuming that one is drinking moderately and hence doesn’t get bombed.

  9. Anonymous says


    I’ve read your comment and I think you’ve said that doing drugs is bad because it alters one consciousness, but drinking is OK (in moderation ) because it doesn’t.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you have bought the federal government line on drugs (although I’m relieved that you haven’t accused casual pot smoking with supporting Al Quada). For starters, I’m not sure what it means to say that drugs alter one’s consciousness. I think it’s more accurate to say that all drugs, even alcohol, alter the brain’s function at a neurological level, and therefore have an effect on people. Depending on the drug, the effect differs: (alcohol is a barbituate; aderall is a stimulant; xanax is anti-anxiety). And contrary to your contention, most people don’t do drugs recklessly, without regard to how it will affect them. Rather, people do drugs precisely because they know exactly how it will affect them.

    And let’s consider the drugs that Al Jr. got caught with. Does Xanax alter ones consciousness in some kind of immoral way? Does Aderall? Does pot? Is what Al Jr. did immoral because the pot was illegal and, for the other drugs, he didn’t have a prescription? Or was it the effect that any of these drugs would have on him somehow a bad effect? Or would having a prescription cleanse the Xanax and Aderall from having a bad effect on him? And if medicinal pot became legal tomorrow (it’s legal in some states, like California, although the federal government has outlawed it), would that alter the equation for you?

    To make a long point short here, I think there is some subtly with drugs that your post doesn’t address.

    One last point regarding law and morality, I disagree, and I will illustrate by an example: I’m driving on a freeway and the speed limit is 55. The speed I’m driving at is 60. I’m breaking the law. Am I doing something immoral?

    I think you are confusing illegal with immoral. I’m willing to listen to you if you think I’m way off line here.

  10. Cubeland Mystic says


    I agree with a lot of your points. I agree with MCM on the illegality of drugs. There is a big difference in speeding and illicit drug use. I wonder how many children prostitute themselves for drug money, not to mention all the other crimes to garner funds to buy drugs which strengthen the drug lords. I wonder how many blowjobs in Los Angeles it takes to buy off a judge in Columbia?

    Nevertheless, I do agree that regardless of their legal status all mind altering substances are mind altering substances. And this gets back to my original point, whether you are doing pot or prozac what keeps the people coming back for more? I simply have no empathy for them. I don’t think Lil’Al should go to jail or even forced rehab. Next time if he drives his Prius off a cliff . . .oh well. No big loss to society.

    One final point, I am a social drinker, but I still don’t like the effect of the drug inside the drink. As a society we should especially cast a jaundiced eye at drugs like Xanax and Prozac since they come out of the healthcare industry. They have all that “scientific legitimacy”. It is pretty darn easy to get your “physician” to prescribe an anti-depressant. If your toe hurts you get prozac. And what does that make the “doctors”?

  11. Anonymous says

    CM, thanks for your responses. The first paragraph in your last response I found particularly compelling and has focused my thinking a bit here. Perhaps the hazard with drugs is not so much whether a particular drug is legal or illegal, but whether taking a given drug, while relatively harmless recreationally, creates a significant risk of a descent into addiction. So, even with something like Xanax (anti-anxiety), a doctor’s note does not cleanse that drug of its potential to suck someone into a maelstrom of dependency. That being said, there are a lot of folks out there who don’t have that problem; that is, they can drink (or take a pill, or smoke some pot, or spend a night out snorting coke) and rebound and not think about it for many months until the next occasion. And I also think it depends on the drug. I’m no scientist, but I think there is something fundamentally different between relatively benign drugs (e.g., pot) and hardcore stuff (e.g., heroin and crack), and lot of what drives my view here is perhaps, on a policy level, the failure of the law (and law enforcement) to make a distinction. That’s further frustrating when you think of the legality of booze (which I support), but which has surely damages many millions of lives (drunk driving deaths/maimings, abused spouses, neglected children, lost jobs, wasted money, etc.).

    Regarding your last paragraph, I’m not sure I understand, and it’s probably none of my business, but why socially drink if you don’t like the effect of the drug inside the drink. Wine is sublime, but what keeps me coming back for more is the alcohol as well as the flavor. I think I’d drink a club soda if I didn’t like the flavor of booze. It’s sort of like people I know that are lactose intolerant. They like the taste of cheese, but it messes with their stomach, so they pass at all opportunities.

  12. anon

    not much time, but i would have said basically the same thing cube said regarding illegal drugs. in taking them you participate in a whole string of immoral, destructive, illegal behavior. regarding pot, again, i am with cube, i don’t get taking a drug for the sake of it’s mind altering qualities. i drink wine because i enjoy the flavor, a martini, because i enjoy the flavor, a g & t, because i enjoy the flavor. i wouldn’t mind if the mind altering part was taken completely out of the equation. but that’s me.

    as for legal prescription medications. although i agree they shouldn’t be given out like candy to anyone who comes to the doctor and says they’re sad. but, there are times when these medications are true medical necessity. we have to trust doctors to a certain degree to make that destinction. although, i do get that because people are often just driven by the economics of it, they don’t make decisions in the best interest of their patients, i do think there are people who can benefit from these drugs. prozac for example, is often used to temporarily help with post partem depression, which is a legitimate illness.

    all the time i have.

  13. Cubeland Mystic says


    It’s a good question. As I grow older the after effects of drinking is much harsher on the body. Also, the joyous buzz is not so noticeable even after three or four beers or the second glass of wine. For me the feeling is sluggish and tired, followed by restless sleep, and a subsequent hangover in the morning. Not like the college days is it? Socially means a couple times a year, and typically it will be on a vacation. There is nothing like a couple ICE cold beers after swimming in the warm ocean for several hours. A well made margarita is also nice at the beach. I might have some drinks in October, and after that the holiday drinking season. But until them I drink Kaliber, a really nice NA beer. Of course I also drink club sodas and sparkling waters when we go out. (I go for spirits, wine, and beer for the taste not the alcohol. I love the taste of good bourbon and cognac.)

    I agree with your description of recreational drug use. The laws should be revisited. I knew a lot of pot smokers in my earlier years, and they were more like Hobbits than criminals. Thoroughly harmless people. Like MCM I think it is immoral to break these laws since they strengthen thoroughly harmful people. If you are doing these drugs recreationally, please consider there are people living in garbage dumps in South America because of the moral corruption of the leadership in those countries. Drug money is part of that corruption. But if there were a way to decriminalize some of these “recreational” drugs. I would be for it.

    On the other hand, prescription medicine for mind alteration is a different problem. It is more disgusting that Lil’Al had a bunch of prescription meds in his possession. If he was arrested for just the pot, I wouldn’t even have commented. It was all the prescription meds. Maybe they were Tipper’s or one of his trust fund buddies. I am more worried about the legitimate dope that is being pushed on our children, than the illegitimate kind.

    Of course there are legitimate reasons for these drugs. My wife was offered anti-depressants because she had a headache. I was offered them because I told my “doctor” that I was under a lot of stress at work. My sister-in-law was offered them because she could not sleep. My wife and I refused them, my S-in-L did not. She never got to sleep and is now detoxing a year later. A lot of my friends kids were offered them by their children’s “doctors”. Post partum is very legitimate reason for taking this as a medication. There are people who are suicidal who need it. It’s like our discussions on my blog. It’s all about moderation.

  14. angelmeg says

    I hate to use a popular culture reference, but it is the best one I have ever found for the effect of drugs/alcohol use and abuse. A character in a movie was a drinker and talked about why he drank and spoke of “the click” that he anticipated from drinking which made life bearable. Unfortunately, he said it took more and more alcohol, more frequently comsumed for that “click” to occurr.

    That is what happens with use, it begins as reccreation but then it descends into somethng more all consuming.

    I know from experience that I would rather not have someone who is impaired behind the wheel of a car especially driving 100 miles per hour (even if it is getting awesome gas mileage and good for the environment).

    just my observation on the topic

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