Cafe Grotesque

Nostalgia calling… These are posters I did back in college for what was supposed to be a whimsical Sophomore-Senior Brunch with the theme of Cafe Grotesque. Needless to say, more sober heads prevailed, and we ended up with flowers and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The critters are patterend after gargoyles at Notre Dame.


  1. I remember those! Do you still have the posters?

  2. Cubeland Mystic says


    Upsetting the establishment was one of the first signs that you were meant to be a great author. “Sober heads” . . . yeah right. These are awesome.

    I think God is tempering you for future success. Keep plugging along and it will happen. I really love your sense of humor. I always feel good when I come here. These pictures didn’t creep me out; they made me happy.

    Thanks for the joy.

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    Sophmore-Senior Brunch? I have no recollection of that. I think I would have vivid memories of “Cafe Grotesque.”

  4. heyswank says

    I love the art. But it’s more entertaining to me that this is your idea of “whimsical”!

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks much, all. Not-Ted, the Sophomores throw the brunch for the Seniors. Don’t you remember doing your impression of E. Grimm for us? At any rate, it never happened. Smokee – sadly, all I have are these photos; found ’em while showing Third Son some old family photos. Heyswank, what could be more whimsical than a glutton being consumed in the midst of his gluttony? CM, you’re way too kind, but I’m glad you like ’em.

  6. heyswank says

    …flowers and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons! 😉

  7. I wish we did have vivid memories of Cafe Grotesque! What a hoot that would have been! Sober heads. Bah!

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