K101: Lost in the Cosmos, Week 1 Recap

If you’re just joining us, May is Lost in the Cosmos Month here at Korrektiv. The Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub is working its way through Walker Percy’s semiotic-satiric-serious Last Self-Help Book while knocking it back neat and (possibly) earning college credit. Here’s a recap of what we’ve got so far:

Course Catalog Entry for K101: Lost in the Cosmos

Bookstore Teaser for K101: Lost in the Cosmos

* Introductions! *

Lecture 1.01

Lecture 1.02

Lecture 1.03

Lecture 1.04

Lecture 1.05 (Excerpts from Michael Mikolajczak article)

The Genesis of Lost in the Cosmos (Letter from Percy to Foote)



The Bustle

Red River clip

Disco Gear

Hard Drive Coffee Table

Donahue Redux

Porn Stats

John Pelham

John Calvin

Lowell Thomas

Where were you on 9/11?


Lost Cove Slide Show

Suicide rate info




depression a blessing?

“suck of care”?

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