Fun with Latin!

The Editor passed this along, a riff on the ecclesial stamps you sometimes find in religious-type books:

Religious Superior’s stamp: IMPRIMI POTEST “it can be printed”
Censor’s stamp: NIHIL OBSTAT “nothing stands in the way”
Bishop’s stamp: IMPRIMATUR “let it be printed”

His additions:

IMPRIMERO – “It’s the first of its kind!”
IMPRIMEZZO – “A so-so book –let’s publish it, I guess.”
IMPRIMOCARNERA – “Rather polemical, but a winner.”
IMPRIMADONNA – “Stellar craftsmanship, but the author is rather demanding.”
IMPRIMAFACIE – “It seemed like a plausible story, but now that I read it more closely, I’m having doubts.”
IMPRIMATURE – “Enjoyable, but concludes too quickly.”
IMPRIMATER – self-explanatory.

To which Godsbody added:

NIHIL OBSTETRIC: “No women will buy this book.”
NIHIL OBSTREPEROUS: “Not enough tension or argument.”

Add you own in the comments!


  1. angelmeg says

    Mrangelmeg wanted me to add:

    NIHIL Armstrong Not a Giant leap for literature

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Mrangelmeg is wise and just.

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