Korrektiv 101: Lost in the Cosmos

The Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub (KSRK) returns in the form of an online seminar, Korrektiv 101, a course you can enroll in to earn college credit. Professors McCain, Young and Finnegan will be team teaching the course. Our textbook this quarter will be Lost in the Cosmos by Walker Percy. Class starts Wednesday afternoon at two o’clock sharp. Your assignment is to have read the “Preliminary Short Quiz” so that you may determine whether you need to enroll in the course. If you decide to enroll in the course, pour yourself a glass of bourbon, knock it back neat, and continue on to the Twenty-Question Self-Help Quiz.

Supplementary material:

Peter Kreeft, recorded lecture from the C.S. Lewis Institute, 1993

Early Times


  1. Typical of me, I am alreay behind. Do I get a pass because of my near death experience ?

    I promise to catch up as quickly as I can.

    Oh by the way, I will be substituting Bailey’s for the burbon, (bad college experinece, can’t even smell the stuff anymore).

  2. Rufus McCain says

    In this class, you get a higher grade for falling behind. But, angelmeg, we haven’t even started yet, so no fair claiming to already be behind. You do get bonus points for wheels falling off, especially if you sing, “You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel ….”

  3. I did order the book today. It should be in my hands by Monday. I considered borrowing it from the library, but knowing my penchant for marking up books I am studying I thought better of that. Besides, I somehow lost my library card (it was on the key ring St Anthony still hasn’t found for me).

    Hoping to find my keys, and what is left of my composure before I finish off the Baileys.

    I misread the date on the post and thought it said Tuesday instead of Thursday. Glad to be not late, then. But will be lagging behind soon enough. (I know myself all too well.)

  4. Rufus McCain says

    Godsbody is on board!

  5. Henri Young says

    Except I’m still reading Stages.

  6. Have it.

    Read it.

    Love it.

  7. I’m in process, about halfway through. If I don’t lose points for being ahead of the game, I’m in.

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