It’s Saturday…

…so I’m thinking we can dispense with the intellectual pretense, and get right to the celebrity worship…

I’m thinking that we’re just going to have to forgive the Go Fug Yourself girls for not being comic geeks. If they WERE comic geeks, they would understand that Ms. Dunst’s alarming dress in this photo is a carefully-planned homage to the alien symbiote costume that makes its cinematic debut in Spider-Man 3:


  1. Uh, let’s not further confuse our non-catholic brethren. We venerate celebrities (dulia or hyper-dulia) but reserve worship (latria) for James Caviezel alone.

  2. Ernesto Pinamonti says

    Or, not so carefully planned homage. That dress, in the words of Bill Walton, is “hooooooaaaaaarrible. You’re a professional actress making millions of dollars. You can’t be seen in crap like that.”

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