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The phenomenon that is Korrektiv has taken as its summer reading club text Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book. Percy’s greatest? His greatest folly? We shall see. Everybody knows that Catholics Don’t Read – least of all, Catholically-tinged nonfiction parodies/exemplars from thirty years ago – but really: why not spread the news across the Catholic blogosphere? See if we can get something approaching a literary community? I’m thinking five people read this blog: if those five pass the word on to another five, and so on and so on, we could end up with three or four or even seven people reading this book at the same time. Hoo!


  1. Matthew,
    I read your blog daily, one of the 5 I guess. Missed you during Lent. I found your blog after I purchased/read your blog. I haven’t read much of Percy’s work but will check Cosmos out.
    BTW, I’m not Catholic.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks, Rick! Lost in the Cosmos is an odd one from Percy. He made his name with novels, and this is decidedly not that. It’s a parody of self-help books, but at the same time, offers its own brand of self-help.
    Non-Catholics welcome!

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