From the YouTube [Abortion] Archives XXXVII

From the YouTube Comments Archives:

Point: Okay this really pisses me off. They’re doctors, they should know that a tiny foetus that’s not as big as a flea is not a human being yet. Killing a flea causes more suffering than an early abortion. Their situtaion should have been a no brainer. I would have been so angry at LaVerne for trying to push her religion, a religion which suggests stoning disobedient children is not one we should listen to about kids!

Counterpoint: Religion aside, you were one of those ‘fleas’ at one point too.


  1. Henri Young says

    Good one!

  2. My grandmother actually told a young woman “Why don’t we just wait until the baby is born and see if you can handle it or not and then if you decide you can’t handle it, we’ll kill it.”

    When the girl reacted in outrage my grandmother calmly said, “I don’t see a difference?”

    Gotta love her moxie.

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