Book Two…

…had rather a lot dealing with the whole doubt thing. One bit, humbly offered up from my adolescence by way of thanks for the comments on the Thought Experiment:

The nearest I have come to taking a lyric seriously enough to ponder it was back in 1987, when I heard Christian rocker Steve Taylor’s “Harder To Believe Than Not To”:

They shiver with doubts
That were left unattended
Then they toss away the cloak
That they should have mended
Don’t you know by now why the chosen are few?
It’s harder to believe than not to.

It was years before I found out that the title was taken from Flannery O’Connor. Small world.


  1. Deep Furrows says

    Certainty is real, but it is a gift. Ask for this gift daily. May the prayers of Therese of Lisieux and all the saints accompany your request!

  2. Steve Nicoloso says

    The nearest I have come to taking a lyric seriously enough to ponder it was…

    Why? Are lyrics somehow inherently weak? Indeed it is a constraining form, but that doesn’t make it inherently unserious. To be sure, lyrics that take themselves too seriously are laughable, and (worse) are notoriously hard to dance to… but this doesn’t seem to go to the essential nature of the lyrical art. Would you also not come very close to pondering a haiku?


  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Cheers, indeed, Mr. Nicoloso. Book Two never made it past the rough draft stage, and bits like this have be chalked up to just-get-it-on-the-page writing. No, I don’t think lyrics are inherently weak, nor inherently unserious.

  4. Steve Nicoloso says

    My apologies… I didn’t quite see that it was a quote from the book, and possibly not presented in context (if any ;-))

    Cheers! (again)

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