The Lappy

So the laptop, the one I bought (albeit used) so that I could run OSX, so that I could have a pretty lil’ website and run Blogger and develop my platform for my soon-to-be breakout bestselling little book? Yeah…there’s duct tape holding the power cord together. A black binder clip is keeping the screen casing from splitting at the seam. One of the hinges rattles with unnerving freedom from any apparent mooring. Thanks to a very funny comment from The Wife, I now have to try very, very hard not to see this as a metaphor for the ol’ literary career…


  1. AnotherCoward says

    At least your children have not taken it upon themselves to assist the performance of your computer (or as mine would say, “grow your computer”) by an ample sprinkling (or, better phrased, pouring) of water.

    Yeah … I’m sad. I had just got the finally budget on the thing, and things were looking nice … then

    … poof …

    Someone let the magic smoke out.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, AC,
    That’s painful to hear. Very sorry for your troubles.

  3. AnotherCoward says

    To my children’s credit, for one glorious fraction of a second, my computer did see that performance increase they were hoping for.

  4. cubeland mystic says

    Thank God you’re not a geek. A billion moving parts and no one knows how to use it.

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