The Wife, lying abed:

“I’m not moving. Fix the covers. Write a screenplay. Get me money.”

“Yes, dear.”


  1. cubeland mystic says

    Why don’t you write a screen play about a an optimistic inventor who invents “Depends Freezerwear”, and is subsequently crushed by the Hanes Company. The heroic inventor then uncovers a plot to sterilize all the men of the free world using an underwear delivery mechanism. He uncovers the seedy world of transnational greed, Chinese sweatshops peopled by Catholic slave labor, drugs, and general corporate corruption. Also make sure that you slam Sarbanes-Oxley law as a sham, this way you show collusion between big government and big business. This one has legs. Hey Cubeland Mystic Productions gets a piece of the action if you sell it.

    Tell Mrs. Lickona that the money is in the bank.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    This is unnervingly close to the project I’m actually working on – minus the undergarments. (That is, the project is minus the undergarments. Not that I’m working on the project minus the undergarments.)

  3. cubeland mystic says

    The mystic, though blind, sees all.

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