We once purchased an issue of Spy, the super-brilliant, paradigm-shifting, consciousness-altering, so-funny-you-couldn’t-laugh-because-your-breath-was-taken-away-in-awe magazine of ironic smartitude. (Actually, it really was funny.) Jenny McCarthy was on the cover, dressed as the New Year’s Baby. The sales gal, perhaps more familiar with Ms. McCarthy than with Spy, asked us if we’d like a paper bag. Oh, but we were mortified – so mortified that we fell into the use of the royal we in the writing of this post.

Yes, it was delightful satire, Spy was. But, you may ask, who will satirize the satirists in this, the age of meta? Well, we’ve got your answer: Radar. Serves the Spy folks right – they opened themselves up for attack when they gave into nostalgia and published a book about their own bygone wonderfulness.

Anyway, the parody is pretty delicious reading for anyone who’s pestered desperately for access…and for other folks, too.


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    So that’s Jenny McCarthy. Thanks Matt.

  2. Dorian Speed says

    anyone who’s pestered desperately for access

    Now, does that contraction mean:

    “anyone who has pestered desperately for access,” or

    “anyone who is pestered desperately for access?”

    P.S.: Sending you a preview chapter of my novel. I think you’ll find the sprinklings of Esperanto woven through the intersecting narratives a real treat.
    Yak soon!

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Who has, Ms. Speed, who has. Been too long since I’ve read Esperanto.

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