Potter on Percy

The Korrektiv Supplemental contains a good deal of very bawdy humor. It also contains this essay on Walker Percy:

“Why do I feel so at home with Binx Bolling et al, chasing women and God, drinking bourbon and gin, gripped by everydayness and morning terror? Why else but that in the course of any one of his novels Percy some how manages this rare miracle: he hits upon a name for Being and invites me to join in clear ing a space for it.

Percy, his protagonist and I form a kind of triple al liance it would seem, a ‘three musketeers’ of sorts, wield ing shovels against the excremental pile-up in this ‘the very century of merde.’ What is the merde? It is all that would obfuscate our senses, dim our awareness (of even the merde itself), deprive us of meaning. It is that abstract­ing and devaluing force which would subsume us and turn us into the living dead.”


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    Sometimes it is difficult to pierce the veil of merde. But it is the simple things in life that cut through the blizzard offering us some clarity.

    Nice work Jonathan

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Thank you Matthew. And thank you Cube. I think a lot of what Percy was getting at pertains to issues you’re focusing on at Immaculate Direction. Twist the merdafor a bit: you can use the merde as fertilizer for your sustainable sacramental backyard garden.

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