The Wife had a rather brilliant suggestion for a short story – a man who carries on an adulterous affair under cover of going to wee hours Eucharistic Adoration…


  1. Does sound like idea for a good short story, though there is something quite annoying about the whole idea. Maybe it is just hoping that nobody ever seriously gave this one a thought.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks for stopping by. I’d be surprised if someone *hadn’t* done this at one time or another. The scenario isn’t too hard to imagine: super-pious wife, husband who converted so he could marry her but never really took it all that seriously, or no longer takes it all that seriously. Looking for a way to get back to his old ways, maybe, and here’s an excuse to leave the house at night without arousing the slightest suspicion…
    Unpalatable, though – that I’ll grant.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    Too boring.

    How about an atractive 30 year old woman has an adulterous affair under cover of going to early AM EA?

    To make it more interesting have her seduce a 19 year old seminarian who is there at the same time.

    After she wrecks the seminarian, she divorces her pious husband, and leaves him to fend for the kids and keep his full time job.

    After a series of cheap seedy afairs, she spends the kids college savings on a breast enhancement, and hooks up with her divorce lawyer for a serious fling.

    How would you pick it up from there?

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    I think by that point, somebody somwhere has to die.

  5. Cubeland Mystic says

    I think the seminarian should kill himself due to the affair they had. She finds out after returning from a debauchery in Vegas with her divorce lawyer.

    If one of her kids die it is too predicatable. Also, perhaps the lawyer OD’s or something. Something shakes her up.

    If it is the seminarian, she could realize in a moment of clarity that she has a hand in all the deaths of all the souls he would have led to salvation in his life. She realizes that her selfishness led not only to physical death but spiritual death of hundreds perhaps thousands of the seminarian’s spiritual children. Instead of bringing life she brings death. She is the culture of death.

    Now where do we go?

  6. Ed Burns explored a different take—

    His father finds out that his wife is NOT a daily communicant afterall…

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