Elsewhere, Genius Edition

Outer Life presents the foundation of a brilliant comic novel. Absolutely nails California high-end real estate. I’ve been in this world; he gets it exactly right.
Me, my weakness is for old fixer-uppers. Found another one this week. Two acres, right here in La Mesa. Must. Be. Content…
“Love the one you’re with,” advises the Wife.


  1. I have no experience in the high-end real estate he speaks of, but know a little bit about fixer-uppers. After looking at a few places in the exurbs and walking away with the willies, we ended up with a small fixer in a transitional, close-in neighborhood of San Diego called Rolando. Ours was one of many built to accomodate the influx of returning troops after WWII. It was solid and made up in character what it lacked in right angles. Relative to comps in the neighborhood, we didn’t put a lot of money into it, but it sure seemed like it. (For instance, the previous owner used the house as a brothel for neighborhood cats and as a result, we needed to replace sections of the floor and walls to remove the saturated cat odor.) The killer for me was that having young kids, I hated throwing so many hours into its maintenance. Last year we traded it for a decidedly uncrunchy newer place. Exurbian build quality and character, but reasonably close to the city and much more ammenable to spending time with the family.

    Raising a bunch of kids on two acres in La Mesa is just askin’ to get stormed by the ATF. You could however call it the Branch Lickonian Compound…

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