An honest liberal?

The question mark is because I don’t know if the party in question is a liberal or not. But if he is, he sounds like an honest one. This, from my latest reviewer at Amazon:

“While I do not agree with all of his opinions, I give him much credit for articulating his experience and perspective. I found Lickona to have many witty and poignant insights that are food for thought. That said, I also recognize that a good number of his lived experiences are not mine nor will they be reminiscent of the lives of other readers. Perhaps that is ever more the reason to pick this book up.”

“He’s not like me, and that’s a reason to be curious, especially if he presents himself clearly.” An honest liberal notion.


  1. Notrelatedtoted says

    Turns out he’s a Franciscan. Go figure.

    Note to Eds: more flowers and butterflys on the cover of the second edition. Current cover way to “Benedictine.”

  2. Steve Nicoloso says

    Awwww, c’mon Matt… we all know YOU wrote that review…

    But seriously…

    I think the reviewer, who in fairness recommends the book as “food for thought”, is missing, or at least failing to represent, the deeper nature lurking underneath the (obviously particular and particularIST) experiences about which Matt writes, viz., the natural temptations toward self-loathing, toward rejection one’s particular place, circumstances, and upbringing, toward giving away of the essential nature of Who one IS in exchange for social acceptance, or comfort, or any of the various things with which modernity rewards its purely rational(ist) bargainers. Matt’s vignettes, to me, almost perfectly capture this kind of tension, the tension that almost anyone anywhere of whatever background would be sure to face, if only they would stop to think about it for a moment. Perhaps that is what the reviewer meant by “food for thought.” It is at least what I tasted.

  3. You know what annoys me tremendously? Trite buzzwords like “lived experience.” This particular one especially bothers me for the quasi-Magisterial authority that people who use it tend to concede to it.

    In addition, what do they mean with “lived experience”? Are they trying to differentiate it from an experience you *didn’t* live???

    Sorry for the rant, but I’ve just heard that concept too many times in recent days!

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