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I didn’t see much TV as a kid, and I only ever saw about ten minutes of one episode of Thirtysomething. I was a teenager, and if ever there was a show for old people, that was it. Golden Girls had more fun and sass. What I remember: two guys on bicycles, and then, later, one of the guys ordering a bran muffin, saying something to his buddy about fiber. The scene has stayed with me over the years, a terrifying reminder that as the body ages, you may benefit from things like ordering bran muffins and thinking about fiber. Gad.

So the Wife is doing a Fruit Flush, which involves three days of protein powder, some salad, exactly one smidgen of meat, and lots and lots of fruit. And no alcohol or coffee. Pretty much what Purgatory will be like. Gentleman that I am, I offered to join her, as long as I could complain the whole time. And of course, I’m remembering Thirtysomething. I am old.

Meanwhile, Immaculate Direction is writing about an entirely more wholesome-sounding sort of fasting:

“The intent of the fast was to identify with the poor and to offer this sacrifice in union with Christ’s. By modern standards it was austere. I won’t share more than this. It was not intended to eat organic food, so we could feel good about ourselves, and then tell you how good we feel about ourselves. The intent is to share that perhaps there are greater cost and health benefits from changing from the normal diet. It was simply an accidental side effect of the fast’s original intent. I’ve concluded that without the austerities this diet can be extended to year round. But most importantly, and why I share this personal thing, it might help families improve their domestic lives. Perhaps there is more benefit than just saving oil.”


  1. Cubeland Mystic says:


    Thank you for the mention. My wife and I did one of those flush things about 18 months ago. We had to do it for about 14 days. About the middle of the second week spider sense kicked in. It started giving me ideas about diet. What diet are you guys on specifically?

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