Wherein Godsbody becomes even less on-point than usual…

It’s true that my town is on the edge of a large city in Southern California, but it is still arresting to be rolling down its main drag on a Friday night and then swerving to avoid a poorly parked black Lambourghini Countach outside the local Mexican restaurant.

“Hello, what’s this?”

Growing up, it was the utlimate expression of automotive extravagance. Something we learned to pronounce long before we ever actually saw. Now it’s parked outside a joint that puts too much Sprite in its margaritas.


  1. anonymous expensive car driver says

    I’m sorry about the parking job. Not enough Sprite in my margarita, I guess.

  2. 1) Was this at Marrietta’s on La Mesa Blvd?
    2) Sprite in a Margarita? Margarita = tequilla, lime juice, triple sec. Have I been doing it wrong?

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    No, Por Favor on La Mesa Blvd. I’m pretty sure they put Sprite in for a fun-time fizz, though I admit I’ve never actually watched one made there. But you are correct – Sprite ain’t a part of the original, standard recipe.

  4. Haven’t noticed that one before… not that we go out to eat in La Mesa very often. (We live in the Allied Gardens /Del Cerro area.)

    I’ve had a vague feeling that something has been missing from my life lately. I’m pretty sure the problem is not the lack of Sprite in my margaritas, but I think prudence demands that I try it. You know, just to make sure.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Allied Gardens has Brothers Restaurant – my haven for omelets and fresh OJ.
    If you want Mexican on La Mesa Blvd., I strongly suggest Mario’s De La Mesa. Try the Machaca Sonora Style.
    I cannot give a similar recommendation to Sprite in your margarita, but what do I know?

  6. Thanks for the skinny on the restaurants. I’m particularly eager to try out Mario’s Machacha.

    Interesting faith-related commentary AND a professional take on the local dining scene- I love this blog.

  7. Mark Lickona says

    I have a running list of my favorite anons. Anonymous Expensive Car Driver just beat out Anonymous Bosch. Thanks, whoever you are, for the LOL.

    Charles, yes, this blog is the best. Everyone should know.

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