Ben’s Signature Sin

From the pages of Land of the Blind by Jess Walter:

My little brother Ben would whisper under his breath: “God’s noggin, would you hurry?” He had recently become an inveterate taker-of-the-Lord’s-name, and he’d taken to jotting down new ones when they popped into his head, eager to amaze and thrill us older kids with the range and poetry of this one sin. Even then, Ben planned to have this sin be his signature. “Christ on a bike, what is taking so long?” (p. 26)

… “Sweet cheese of Jesus…” (p. 27)

… “Hot Christ buns…” (p. 41)

… “Jesus meet the neighbors! …” (p. 42)


  1. Creativity that would have at least made my mother smile before she punished one of us.

    She told us that using curse words showed a distinct lack of vocabulary. Can you tell she had been an English Major?

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