First Son, Theologian

I said something about the necessity of work at dinner last night.

First Son: We only have to work because of original sin. That’s why a time machine would be the best invention. That way, you could go back to just a few hours before Adam and Eve sinned and stop them from doing it.

Me: Yeah, but every human born after that would still have that gift of freedom, the ability to choose whether to sin or not. Odds are, somewhere down the line, one of them would decide to sin.

First Son: Yeah, but then only that person’s descendents would have the punishment.

Me: …

Ancient Someone: “Oh, those poor Smiths. Their great-great-great-grandparents sinned, don’t you know, and now they are under the penalty of death. And not only that, they have to work, and Mrs. Smith suffers terribly in childbirth.”


  1. And I thought the theological questions of 5 year olds were tough…

  2. Anonymous says

    Those first two sentences are already at odds with each other. Who had to “work” to make that time machine??? Anyway, if you believe that Adam and Eve are the first parents, then all of our fates are already written. Sin or no sin.

    First Son already knows Father’s weak points! He is so young and already knows your weak points.

  3. First-borns seem to have a special knack for knowing their parents’ weak points……

    ….from the moment they escape the womb…..

  4. Cubeland Mystic says

    My daughter gives me daddy-do’s. My son helps me do them.

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