So I deleted the last Today in Porn post. It contained a reference that a bunch of people didn’t get, and I realized that it wasn’t wasn’t worth arousing anybody’s curiosity as to its meaning. Ladies and gentlemen, he has a conscience!


  1. Sister Woman and I stared at that thing for the longest time…We still haven’t a clue.

  2. Notrelatedtoted says

    Dang, I missed it.

  3. AnotherCoward says

    Maybe Today In Porn should be renamed to Today’s Lesson in Porn? I mean, it is, to some extent, a potential invitation for folks to learn more about something they may not know much about … as well as get some commentary on it.

  4. I echo Smokee, as usual.

  5. Anonymous says


    How about taking on the current subject of stem cell research! We all have an opinion on that!

    “Today in Porn” I’m sure is different from “Today in Sex Education”, or “Today in Sexuality”, or “Today in Human Relations”, or “Today in Physical and Visual Abuse”, or …

  6. Thanks, Lindsay. If I ever become a super-hero(ine) you can totally be my trusty side-kick.

  7. Smokee,
    I hope we won’t wear tights.

  8. Lindsay,

    No tights. Industrial-strength support hose. Don’t worry, you’ll look great.

  9. Anonymous Too? says

    Visual abuse? Is that like being forced to look at ugly people?

  10. Anonymous says

    What ya lookin at?

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