Beauty and the Beast Redux

So I take First Daughter (and, urg, Third Son, aka, the Hellion) to the foot doctor, and what’s playing in the waiting room but Beuaty and the Beast. This time, when Belle runs out into the fields surrounding her village and sings, “I want much more than this provincial life,” First Daughter turns to me and says, “Did you see how she just ran way out there? I want to do that.” Apparently, she wants exactly that provincial life – the freedom to roam open land. Of course, she’s only five. But it was still fun to note.


  1. So, what is it about foot doctors that makes one want adventure in the great wide somewhere?

    I admit having the same feeling myself time to time, especially when fat- chinned-french, big game hunters ask for my hand in marriage without unloading their muskets.

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