Acting and Suffering

I know, I know – two religious posts in a row? Is Godsbody going all Jesus, all the time? What happened to Today in Porn? Fear not, and bear with…

“Every action we do, every suffering we undergo, whatever it be, as long as it is according to the will of God, is an act of communion with Jesus, an act that is no mere desire, but a positive advance in our union with him; it gives him new matter over which he can pronounce the saving words: ‘This is my Body.'”

I liked that last clause very much.


  1. From the prayer, “Learning Christ,”

    The line,
    “teach me to profit by the suffering that comes across my path….”

    So simple, but that’s redemptive suffering-we become fully his.

  2. AnotherCoward says

    Dear God,

    I suck.



    P.S. I try not to suck … but I suck at that, too. Sorry.

  3. Father Stephanos, O.S.B. says

    Anima Christi, sanctifica me!
    Corpus Christi, salva me!
    Sanguis Christi, inebria me!
    Aqua Lateris Christi, lava me!

    I don’t like to translate conforta here as “comfort”. Rather:
    “Suffering of Christ, MAKE ME STRONG!”


    O Bone Jesu, exaudi me!
    Intra tua VULNERA absconde me….


  4. AnotherCoward says

    BTW you didn’t credit the quote. Might this be an excerpt from Book 2?

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