Why does this make us so happy?

The Coreys, reunited at last.

I don’t know why this should matter to me – I never even saw the films Mr. Defamer mentions. But what I did see, several times, was The Lost Boys, aka, the film that made a generation think Kiefer Sutherland was cool, twenty years before 24. I remember Haim and Feldman as the perfect comic relief for the sizzling homoerotic tension between seductive vampire Sutherland and tortured Jason Patric.

(And if anyone takes that bit about “homoerotic tension” seriously – well, it’s your own fault.)


  1. Notrelatedtoted says

    Bill Simmons, a writer for Page 2 at ESPN.com, used go on about how someone needs to do a reality show featuring the two Corey’s. In his version, if I recall correctly, studio exec’s just roll a camera while the two Corey’s sit on a couch and proceed to get hammered.

    Add in Corey Hart as the back up band (like Max Wienstein) and you have….the Corey Hat Trick! Or Triple Corey Bypass, if you prefer.

    By the way, I was fine with the “homoerotic tension” until you described it as “sizzling.”

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