"Let’s Bury Paul"/"Cranberry Sauce."

Pardon the olde-timey Beatles reference of the title, but I’d like to take the occasion to start my own brand of Paul-is-dead rumorbuzz: Where’s Strongbad?. It’s now been over a month since the Brothers Chaps gave us anything new, which in Internet years is roughly three millenia. There’s a limit to how long we can hang at The Institute of Official Cheer, killing time and thinkin’ ’bout the King of Town. Okay, maybe that’s not true.


  1. AnotherCoward says

    Don’t you know? He’s vacationing down at the beaches with all the hot ladies.

    <Screen Wipe>

    [StrongBad standing in skank water under a pier with seaweed all over, emptied cold ones strewn all about]

    Holy crap, my heaaad … what happened?!?!

    <Wavy Flashback Wipe Thing>

    [time for y’all to fill in the past month’s adventure for StrongBad and the HSR crew]

  2. I was under the impression that the brothers’ father was either very ill, or had recently passed away.

  3. According to the Homestar Runner Wiki, their father died in mid-April. I’d also assumed that was the cause of the lack of new cartoons.

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, my bad. I didn’t know. Serves me right for complaining.

  5. Mark Lickona says

    Me, I’m just happy that I recognized all those Strong-Bad incarnations in “alternate universe.” Don’t feel quite so out of it. (Actually, I didn’t recognize Strong Badman.)

  6. They’re back!

  7. Dorian Speed says

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