I was over at Pajiba reading the review of Nacho Libre and the comments that followed, and was therein reminded of something that has struck me more than a few times over the course of my pop-culture meanderings: the use of “abortion” as a deep, deep pejorative, as in “this abortion of a film,” or “this back-alley abortion of an album.”

If you asked me about the general attitude of pop-culture regarding abortion, I would say that pop-culture is almost universally supportive of a woman’s right to abort the fetus in her womb. But again and again, “abortion” is used to name something that is really, really awful – film, album, article, whatever.



  1. We went to see this film yesterday.

    Mrs. Zhou grew up in Mexico (and just became an American citizen earlier this year!).

    I grew up with a defacto Mexican grandfather (from Yucatan). I think my grandmother might have married him before she died and after an earlier step-grandfather died, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I had a Mexican grandfather.

    We loved the film!

    Very, very Mexican, or, should I say Oaxacan?

    And it was nice that the friars (Franciscans?) actually seemed to think their vows meant something.

    Very realistic Mexican orphanage setting.

  2. I thought it was interesting that Harry Forbes of the USCCB movie review hesitated to give Brokeback an O, but not Nacho Libre.

  3. Matthew,

    But you would have to admit that in the case of literal abortion, the thing being aborted is more hated than the act itself: yes, the act is messy, but how much messier to have a baby around, especially one you just didn’t want… it’s what E. Michael Jones would call a detestation for procreation (sublimnally reinforced in a wide gamut of horror films – most notably the Alien pics).

    Still, it is interesting that the term retains negative connotations – especially considering it has been elevated to the status of liberal sacrament and one of the most blessed sort…

    Confession…Freedom of Press
    Holy Orders…Political Election
    Annointing of the Sick…Euthanasia
    Marriage…Marriage (MW/MM/MW/MWM/WMW… etc.)
    Baptism…Buying Lifetime Subscription to The Nation
    Confirmation…Buying Lifetime Subscription to the New York Times

    Bible….Origin of Species (OT)/Das Kapital (NT)
    Beatific Vision…Orgasm
    St. Thomas….Karl Marx
    St. Augustine…Rousseau
    St. Francis…St. Francis (only the loving animals part)
    Gregorian Chant…The Beatles
    Palestrina…Bob Dylan
    St. Peter Basilica…United Nations
    Spiritual Works of Mercy…Sensitivity Training
    Corporeal Works of Mercy…(See Terri Schiavo’s gravestone)
    Alms for the poor…Condoms, etc.
    Stigmata…Being born Caucasian

    Anyone care to add?


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