Whatever else you can say about Third Son (who threw a bunch of bill payments that The Wife had left on the bureau into the trash on the same day we found out about his dump truck expenses), he’s got charm. When he trots into the room waving a stuffed bunny in front of him and says, “See? Godzilla-bunny!” and then roars…charm.


  1. Anonymous says

    kid charms, kid survives. natural selection at work.

  2. j. christian says

    My wife always says of our 2-year-old boy, “He’s lucky he’s cute.”

  3. Anonymous says

    man, he sounds like a terror to me–the teen years are gonna be a blast at your house.

  4. Aunt Smokee says

    He’s not a terror! He’s lovely!

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Yes, Smokee, a lovely terror. We are already beginning to refer to the teen years as Lockdown at Widow’s Haven. And not just for Third Son.

  6. Lindsay says

    Let’s be honest…Cute is power.

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