When I Go To Hell…

…should probably be a recurring theme on this blog.

Just got a spam email for some stock I need to invest in. But before the stock-talk was this stream of words:

cavalier thicken as aplomb small fry at radon falsetto as dumbbell as
telephone to strong, word processor of dark as accompaniment thereafter vicious, flutist,. and refreshingly the an stakeout,
microbe tribulation, swoon riddled mystic corresponding everything in attacker fizzy unify, to babe but an
minimum wage shout to kaput speedboat!
yep beset the to cleanser with label, shrank dizziness bleakly to puma welsh shortcut sky-high! monogamous the rough-and-tumble a that spatial blare
bait warning brethren as leap year the glowing of postpone the of? condense a that nominally to respective, in cave probation officer: of parallel…

When I go to hell, this sort of stuff will probably be shouted in my ear. The nonsense of it is so, so jarring – the mind keeps trying to find sense, find a sentence, find a thought…

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