Help Wanted

First Things is looking for a new managing editor. I’d send in a resume, but the job’s in NYC, and if I went there, who would pick all these limes? (See previous.) Plus, I’m kinda simple. But my readers are bright – so go apply, already.


  1. Adam DeVille says

    You don’t want to live in NYC?!?! What kind of heretical nonsense is this?! I am shocked, shocked, shocked! (My wife’s family is from the Bronx and we visit The City as often as we can.) As the late pope said to the late cardinal in welcoming O’Connor at some Rome function, “Welcome to the archbishop of the capital of the world!” Besides all that, you’d get to work for FT. I’m sure Fr. RJN would help you with the gin-and-limes problem–although, rightly, he seems to be more of a single-malt man!

  2. Kevin Jones says

    I wouldn’t want to live in NYC, either. Too many weird customs among the intellectuals, like formal wear at lectures.
    Plus Michael Novak’s writings give me the willies.

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