First Son…

Me: Why don’t you want to ask your mother for whatever it is you’re going to ask her when I’m in earshot?

First Son: Because you’re the bricks, Dad.


  1. Matthew,

    Had to share this for obvious reasons:

    From NYer’s 3-6-6 profile of Irish Playwright Martin McDonagh by Fintan (cool name!) O’Toole.

    O’Toole has just finished explaining that McDonagh won the 1996 Most Promising Playwright Prize at the London “Evening Standard.” He was to be at the Savoy to pick up his award.

    “I was so nervous at having to collect it that myself and my brother got tanked up on vodka and the vodka really kicked in by the time we arrived at the Savoy…And we were a bit rowdy when they started toasting the Queen, good Irish boys that we were. And Sean Connery came over and told us to shut up and I told him to xxxx off. He backed away and we left, and I can’t remember a single thing about the rest of the event. Apparently I kissed Jessica Lange, but I have no memory of that whatsoever.”

    Well, hope the green-eyed out there appreciate it, anyway…


  2. P.s. – You should have told Finn, without missing a beat,

    “Yes, son, and a ton at that…”


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