The Catholic Corrective


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Yes, but neither this blog, nor Amy Welborn’s link to Korrektiv.
    I think any reasonable person would be led by this fact to question their importance.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Korrektiv IS the Catholic Corrective. Check your site meter. Korrektiv is easily the number one Catholic website in America.

  3. Amy Wellborne says

    Didn’t you used to write for the Korrectiv? Back in the day?

  4. Bishop Wm. Skylstad says

    Korrektiv now the number one Catholic apologetics blog in greater Spokane. Congratulations!

  5. Henri Young says

    This used to be my favorite blog, back when Webb was writing in peak form. But its really gone down the toilet since then. I hope it gets back on track.

  6. Richard Simmons says

    I read it religiously, with the Bible in one hand and the mouse in the other.

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