"Look on the bright side, kiddo…

…you’ll go straight to heaven!”

Got Second Daughter baptized on Saturday. A couple of hours ago, the wife got up with her – said she sounded like she had a coughless croup. She got her into a steamy shower, and the little thing seemed to stop breathing. Of course, by the time the paramedics arrived, she seemed okay. The Wife took her in all the same. I said the above to Second Daughter while we waited for the ambulance. Not quite gallows humor…

UPDATE: All is well. Seems babies sometimes do something called periodic breathing. The croup is just a cold. Phew.


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    Lovely three in the morning blog entry. Glad everything’s OK. We had a lot of that with our daughter, too, exacerbated by GERD (i.e. major and near continuous spit-ups, with which she was afflicted for the first six months). Freaked us out on more than one occasion and sent us to the emergency room once or twice. You pray for them to sleep through the night, but then you keep waking up anyway if things are too quiet. Those big sleepy sighs are still music to my ears.

  2. AnotherCoward says

    Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. Glad it turned out alright.

    And for those too lazy to google: Periodic Breathing

  3. That’s scary! Whenever one of our newborns has been sleeping peacefully for a long time I have a compulsion to put a mirror over their mouths to check for breathing. I’m glad that it turned out fine.


  4. Had the same thing happen to our daughter a couple months ago. I could tolerate the wheezing, but was concerned when, periodically, she would stop breathing. We waited in the E.R. for hours, only to be told it was the croup and that we could treat it with over-the-counter medication. Paid several hundred dollars for that advice, but we were glad she was okay.

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