The Memoir is Dead, Long Live the… wait a second… Nope, it’s still dead.

By now, everyone who’s obsessed with book-gossip and memoirs and people who sell 3.5 million copies (that would be me, though I could live without the Oprah thing) has read about James Frey and The Smoking Gun

The story keeps getting better, as Maud relates. And she includes this bit of commentary:

If you still haven’t read Thank You For Not Reading, do. There Ugresic charges that the rules of market-oriented literary culture — the crowd-pleasing parade of memoirs depicting an unfortunate and ultimately triumphant protagonist– are reminiscent of Soviet Realism, of art that takes history as a starting-point but twists it into sanguine propaganda designed to pacify the masses.

Well then, I should be fine. No “ultimately triumphant protagonist” in my stuff, no sir…

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