*Snort* *Chuckle*

Sometimes, even when you’re being mocked, you’ve gotta take your hat off to the genius of the ones doing the mocking. This is about the finest use of the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I’ve come across.

Oops. Spoke too soon. This may be even better. But this just seems creepy.


  1. Notrelatedtoted says

    I dunno – how clever is it to take religious images and insert the flying spagetti monster? It seems a little obvious to me, given their schtick. Not that I’m upset about it, really; I ‘spose their 15 minutes is nearly up….

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    It’s the quality of the work – especially on the stained glass – that makes the difference, man. And I can’t help but chuckle over “noodly appendage.”

  3. Notrelatedtoted says

    Heheheh, you said, “noodly appendage.”

    Hopefully, the Flying Spagetti Monster has reserved a special place in pasta hell for smug indie hipsters…

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