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Via Amy, this LAT story about an abortionist.

Ends with this breakdown, which, for some reason, I thought deserved attention.

Who has abortions

By age:

Under 15: 1%

15-19: 19%

20-24: 33%

25-29: 23%

30-34: 13%

35-39: 8%

40-44: 3%

That’s 75% of abortions being given to pregnant women under 30. I wonder how that matches up to overall pregnancy percentages. I don’t have a comment to make here; it just struck me.


  1. http://www.census.gov/Press-Release/www/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/004109.html
    I think the data that might interest you is on this page. There’s a PDF that should load whne you click on New Moms. I think. My Adobe add-on isn’t reading a darn thing these days.

  2. Very, very sad. I have given birth to 8 children and not once did I ever feel bad about giving up “my” body for my child. This doctor has aborted more children than he delivered yet sees himself as a life giver of sorts? I don’t think so. And giving these ladies a drug to wipe out their memories is almost sadistic in my book. There is nothing “admirable” about this man, his job, or those who help him.

  3. Very admirable! Giving birth and life to eight humans who will demand 100% of your love and support, quite the admirable deed. And the father, you forgot to mention him, how is he? Children healthy? Money in savings accounts for their future? Got healthcare to support all of your famiy needs. Life insurance for you and your husband? A will to put into place a future for your children in case you don’t have one? You have all of these safety nets in place? If you do, then you are in the American minority. Believe it or not, but there are people like you, a living human being who may bring life but may doom that life, in life. Once there is life, most Catholics will then say that it was the hand of God that took charge and took a life, if so God did… then was it your sin to bring life when God was whispering to not give that life as I Will Take This Life As You Have Not Listened?

    Do not judge! Others might judge the same of you. So where is the justice?

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