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Reader Lindsay (that brings us to seven!) wrote that Reese Witherspoon’s speech at the SAG awards was “Pitch perfect where us
better-halves are concerned. It was reminiscent of Familiaris Consortio—really, not kidding.”

She suggests reading the whole thing, so do that. But I’ll post this excerpt.

“…And I want to say that my biggest inspiration, obviously for this movie, was June Carter. She’s just an incredible woman. She was not only a very accomplished musician who played many instruments, she was a wonderful wife, who supported her husband and an unbelievably giving mother, and a great friend. And I think there are so many women who are the quiet, sort of silent, frequently unacknowledged center of so many people’s lives. And I think I’m just really honored to bring her out of a certain shadow and into the light in this performance. So, she really deserves it.”

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