Me: Sometimes I wonder what you think of me.

The wife: Oh, come on. You know I love you. You know I think you’re great.

Me: I know you love me. But sometimes I wonder if you think food and sex are the basis of our relationship.

The wife: That’s how it is for most men, isn’t it?

Me: Ouch! Do you think all this Christian marriage stuff is a crock?

The wife: Crock-a-doodle-doo!


  1. Matthew,

    How uncanny: Cecilia and I just began keeping a shared “recipe journal” – we’ve line up a week’s worth of great recipes and are making the effort to sit down and write our reactions/reflections on what we’ve tried. So far so good.

    “Gee, Joe – shouldn’t that be time better spent with a rosary? or taking turns taking the “discipline” to one another?”

    Actually, it’s been said that the home should be a domestic church (was that John Paul?) – he didn’t say it had to be a cloister.

    If men and women can agree on food and drink – its good practice and great capital for those times when things aren’t as simple as “white sauce or red”?

    On the other hand, the sure graces of the rosary and sacraments help a bit too….

    Just thinking out loud (“Thank you for not thinking…”)


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