Speaking of Fiction…

…friend Michael sent this along from my alma mater’s e-newsletter:

Dr. William Baer from the Southwell Institute contacted me recently with a great opportunity for writers. He is very interested in our students or alumni taking part in their St. Robert Southwell Literary Workshop, which will take place at the Carmel Retreat House in Mahwah, NJ (an hour from NYC) from June 15 – 25, 2006. Accepted students will receive a Southwell Scholarship which will include fees, housing, and meals (everything except travel). The purpose of the workshop named in honor of the Elizabethan priest, poet, and martyr is to help young Catholics develop their talents in creative writing. Dr. William Baer (Southwell Institute), Dr. Henry Russell (Ave Maria College), and Dr. Samuel Maio (San Jose State University) are looking for 16 post-baccalaureate students (ages roughly 21-30) for two workshops; one in poetry, and one in short fiction. Along with the workshops, there will be related lectures about Dante, Shakespeare, Greene, O’Connor, contemporary publishing, etc., as well as visits by guest writers, including Dana Gioia, current Chairman of the NEA, and Joseph Bottum, Editor of First Things; Over the coming years, they plan to create and grow a supportive environment that will eventually lead to a Catholic literary revival. Catholic writers like Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy, Graham Greene, and Evelyn Waugh made serious contributions to Catholic literature, and many conversions resulted from their writings. Unfortunately, no group like that exists today. The Southwell Institute hopes to encourage talented young people to make it happen again. For more information and an application form, go to the Southwell Institute’s website., http://southwell.evansville.edu. Check out this great opportunity.

Well, at 32, I’m roughly two years too old for this sort of thing, but dang – sounds like a hoot! I’m sure the wife wouldn’t mind!

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