“You could have all your politicians in little boxes. Very handy that.”

– Breugel, Max Headroom: The Original Story

Never saw the US TV series; this was the one-hour UK original, and it was a staple of my high-school video rentals. Found it again at the incomparable Kensington Video here in San Diego. It’s always risky to test the quality of one’s nostalgia, especially in the presence of the wife (“But it was cool at the time, I swear, honey!”). I’m happy to report that this one held up beautifully. The commentary on technology’s inability to plumb humanity (which is the reason why Max has all those tics), the commentary on marketing’s power to drive the world, and on and on, all delivered with tight writing and oodles of visual style. Do see it if you can. Nickolas Grace is simply brilliant as Grossman.

“People do sort of…blow up. You know.”

“No – I don’t.”

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