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So I was outside the Ken theater – one of the few remaining single-screen neighborhood theaters in San Diego – and I picked up FLM, one of the free mags out front (mmmmm….shiny, glossy paper). Bills itself as The Voice of Independent Film (do I ever talk about anything besides movies? No, not really). Turns out the front end is a bunch of brief essays by directors and writer/directors – guys like Neil Jordan, Bennett Miller, Atom Egoyan, Noah Baumbach, Ang Lee, and on and on. Then, toward the end, there was a comment from Francis Ford Coppola regarding the DVD release of Rumble Fish. Coppola’s essay included the following remarkable paragraph:

“Watching it again, I enjoyed it quite a bit and concluded that of all my films, or at any rate of all the smaller, more intimate ones, Rumble Fish and The Conversation came closest to fulfilling my original ambitions as a filmmaker. It’s odd how the idea of what you hope to do when you are young is taken out of your hands as you go on your way…my career took a different direction after The Godfather. Possibly I could return to being a student once again, and begin a new career with projects more like The Conversation, The Rain People, and Rumble Fish.”

Coppola going indie…a fascinating notion.


  1. You are right, it will take a couple of days to get through this.

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